The Big Launch

Helen Wakeman

Finally after months of preparation, tweaking and re-tweaking - and most importantly painting - I can finally say hello and welcome you to my website. If you like what you see, please 'like me'  'pin me'  'tweet me' and most importantly 'share me' with as many people as possible, I need your help inviting the world to view my website and social media pages. Feel free to send me messages with your thoughts regarding what you would like me to blog about, as this is all new to me. My current portfolio has 17 wonderful paintings to choose from and I will be adding to and creating new collections, so watch this space. If you are interested in a special commission painting please ensure you book some time in my diary before I get fully booked, I would hate for you to be disappointed. I can't write my first blog post without thanking all of my family and friends for their help and support, I wouldn't have reached this day if it wasn't for you. 

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