Reflection & Preparation 2014

Helen Wakeman

2014 what a year, overwhelmed by the support shown by many friends and family members... you know who you are.

in awe that people love my work so much and trust me to capture their loved ones on canvas, each day bringing with it a new challenge. I have learnt more about painting, advertising and planning in the past 12 months than I ever thought possible. I couldn't leave 2014 behind without saying a special thanks to Lionark who have been an amazing charity to support and have helped raise awareness of my artwork with amazing posts.

I always find saying goodbye to a year brings with it a sense of sadness but with that said......

Hello 2015.... January will be filled with planning, organising and marketing for me, so if I go a little quiet from time to time I apologise.

I will be attending shows, fairs and other events and will add a blog with my schedule once I have completed it later this month. I continue to take commission bookings for 2015 and plan to paint a beautiful wildlife and portrait piece during January to add to my collections.

Wishing you all a healthy, happy and successful 2015.

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