Born Free Partnership

The killing of Cecil the lion ( c. 2002 – 1 July 2015) caused global outrage and I was personally extremely upset and angry. Cecil was a male Southwest African lion (Panthera leo bleyenberghi) he lived primarily in the Hwange National Park in Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe. He was lured out of the safety of the park, maimed then tracked for approximately 40 hours until the American dentist Palmer caught up with him and killed him.

I decided to paint a portrait of Cecil as a tribute and donated this to the Born Free Foundation so they could raise money through an auction and save animals in Cecil's name. They loved the painting so much we decided to make 25 limited edition prints with a mount surround size 11" x 14". I donate £10 from each sale to their wonderful organisation.  

I could not have prepared for the overwhelming response I received. Together we will have raised £300 in less than a month which is absolutely fantastic. Only 3 limited prints are left so please don't delay if you would like one as no more 11" x 14" prints will be produced.

I am absolutely thrilled and honoured to be working in Partnership with the Born Free Foundation and hope to continue this wonderful partnership, so please watch this space for more tribute paintings.

Together we can ensure good comes from evil and that animals like Cecil do not die in vain. RIP Cecil (c.  2002 - 1 July 2015).

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