Reflection & Thanks 2015

Helen Wakeman

Firstly I want to thank each and everyone of you for your continued support it really means the world to me and I wouldn't have continued with my venture if it wasn't for you. So a big big 'Thank You'.

2015 has been an extremely rewarding and successful year with many highlights which I will take a moment to summarise. I think for me the most important achievements have been working with wonderful charities.

Earlier in the year 'Mufasa', my lion portrait, was promoted and gained a huge amount of attention through social media, this was due to the amazing 'Animals Defenders International' (ADI) charity who used their social pages to show my work. They continue to cheer lead my art and I, with your help, continue to make donations through the sales of 'Mufasa' limited edition prints.

'International Otter Survival Fund' (IOSF) then featured me as one of their artists in their online ottershop - My 'Utterly Otterly' painting can be found in the Quality Artwork section. 

Later in the year a tragic story hit the headlines when the stunning lion 'Cecil' was hunted down and tragically killed. I like most people were heartbroken. I reached out to Bornfree with a painting I had completed of 'Cecil'. The reaction and support I received was out of this world. With your help in a short space of time we had raised £250 from the sale of limited edition prints. The original painting was auctioned at a Bornfree event in London and raised even more money for this wonderful organisation. The sales of 'Cecil' miniature prints continue to do well so even more money will be raised during 2016. If this wasn't enough I now feature as an artist on The Bornfree website and has a column dedicated to my artwork in the Bornfree magazine. I even received a beautiful Christmas Card from the marketing manager.

I can't even begin to explain how rewarding it is to create something which so many people love and want in their homes, together with raising much needed money for the organisations which help wildlife and other worthy causes.

2016 for me will definitely centre around building more partnerships with charities, visiting the sanctuaries and the organisations headquarters to really focus more time and energy in helping others in whatever way I can.

I also continued to paint beautiful portraits on a commission basis and now they have been given as Christmas gifts I will start to update my website and social media sites with the paintings I completed. I will be taking orders throughout 2016 so please ensure you reserve your completion date with a £50 deposit.

I became an international artist with many sales of original paintings and signed limited edition prints being shipped off globally to all four corners of the world. I have quite a few followers from Australia and America and even sold a print to someone who lives on 5th Avenue.

None of this would be possible without your continued support and contribution so I hope you continue to follow me in 2016 and when you can please support charities and raise your own and others awareness about world issues and what we can all do together to help.

Thank you and best wishes for Christmas 2015.

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