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#saveourseas - Limited Edition Prints


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#saveourseas - Limited Edition Prints
#saveourseas - Limited Edition Prints

I painted this illustration of a whale to raise awareness and provide a striking message. There are 13 species of great whale and several species of smaller whales, despite decades of legal protection, six of the 13 great whale species are at risk of extinction. 

Like many marine animals, whales are at risk of ‘bycatch’ – accidental entanglement in fishing gear, which can cause injury, infections, starvation and drowning. The main cause of decline in whale numbers historically was industrial whaling – killing whales for their meat and oil. It drove some species to the brink of extinction. Climate change is an emerging threat which is also affecting fish stocks. However it will also cause other major changes within our oceans.

Only 25 signed limited edition prints will be produced on art paper retaining the colour and detail of the original painting. A mount surround is provided making the overall size 8" x 8" and ready to fit a standard frame. 

Your investment will include an authenticity certificate, thank you letter, discount off next purchase and will be packaged with extra special care to ensure the artwork reaches you safely and undamaged.

This will make a stunning gift all year round and has a special connection with animals, conservation and global issues, it is a timeless investment.

£2 will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund from your investment, for more information regards the charity you will be supporting please visit;

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