Mufasa - Limited Edition Prints



Mufasa part of my 'Pride' collection, influenced by wildlife which is threatened by hunting and extinction.

Animal conservation is extremely important to me and many of my paintings are influenced by stunning animals who are threatened by hunting and extinction. I hope I have managed to capture the majestic regal beauty of this magnificant animal, who is under threat by some of the population who see these qualities as a benefit to themselves rather than to the world.

Beautiful reproduced images of my original artwork, printed on art paper. They retain the colour and the detail of the original and are limited in number, signed and numbered on the front with a certificate of authenticity which also includes the number in the description.

These are wonderful pieces if you are looking to start a collection and also make thoughtful affordable gifts.

Each print comes with a mount surround which is a standard size to fit the majority of  ready made frames. Your investment will include an authenticity certificate, thank you / care instructions letter and discount off your next purchase. Your artwork will be packaged with care to ensure it reaches you safely and undamaged.

11" x 14" prints are limited to 25 copies, £10 will be donated to Lionark from the sale of each print.

6" x 8" prints are limited to 50 copies, £5 will be donated to Lionark from the sale of each print.

If you would like to learn more about the charity please visit;

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